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  1. LvxMagick

    Black Oil From Sphynx getting into Nose

    So I went took my 6 month Sphynx to the Vet to get her shots & a routine check up, I asked him about a problem I heard with the breathing noise I hear coming from her. he wasn't much help, but he did point out that the it sounded like it was coming from her nose. My wife usually cleans the...
  2. Spight

    STain under nose advise pretty please...

    So we've had Voldemort 1.5 months now. He's 5 months old. When we got him he had very weepy eyes and was sneezing constantly so we took him to the vets 3 days after him arriving. The vet said he had conjunctivitis and possibley a respiratory infection. We got eye drops to give him for 2 weeks...