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not drinking water

  1. CathyO

    Any ceramic water fountains with reliable filter supply?

    Sooo my kitty cats' plastic water fountain from Amazon finally gave up after two years. Harley doesn't like to drink from stainless steel. Any ceramic water fountains you use that you recommend? Has anyone tried below brands: 1)Glacierpoint - has a built-in water chiller but can't quite...
  2. VentrellaJr

    Help .... Vomiting & Not Eating!

    Hello everyone Need some type of advice. Marcello who is eight months old stop eating and dry heaves. I brought him to the vet, They found nothing in this x-ray. They think it might be the new kitten? But This started right before the new kitten arrived! He’s Marcella’s emotional support...
  3. Zyra

    Kitty on thirst strike! (secretly proud of my lil activist - just wish I knew what he's protesting)

    Hi, all! Back again for more of your amazing advice and assurance. As always, I have typed keywords from my query into search and no similar threads came up - but sorry if this is a repost! I have had Neech for just over a month now. He's the best. We moved into my parent's not too long ago (I...