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open sores

  1. newsphynxmommy

    My baby has raw cuts and bumps all over her

    My poor baby. It seems like she is always fighting something. When I was giving her a bath I noticed she had a bunch of raw open wounds on her head and on her neck. Moreover she has a load of raised bumps on her body. I'm freaked out and not sure what it could be. I plan on calling the vet...
  2. Rlklassy

    Please help me figure out whats wrong with my kitty

    I am brand brand new to this forum frantically searching for an answer. I have a 1 year old sphynx cat named Pewbs who has developed nasty opens sores on his neck, face, and head. He also has red hives on his tummy. A little background.. He has gotten tiny red bumps on his neck before that...
  3. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.