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  1. Clawed Monet

    Peterbald Mother

    Clawed Monet is a spunky, 7 year old Peterbald. I have visited this community many times in the past for concerns regarding Monet and have always been informed. I am glad to now be a member and hope to help new naked kitty owners as much as I had been helped!
  2. Monica

    High Fashion Sphynx!

    I stumbled across these fashion photographs of sphynx (Peterbald & Donskoys? :unsure:) dripping in fine jewels, and I HAD to share!! :love::love::love: It’s from a series shoot done by photographer Daniel Gieseke for a high-end fashion magazine. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I was so...
  3. SamBelleAme

    First Naked Kitty (:

    Hello! I found this website while looking up some tips on my new kitty. He's a Peterbald. Any tips that aren't commonly posted about? Also I haven't named him so any ideas :P Im picking him up in 2 weeks. Thanks (:
  4. Odinsmommy

    Is my cat a Sphynx?

    Hello! I have a beautiful Blue/Gray 1year old hairless boy named Odin Forskin. I know there are several types of hairless cats, Canadian/Donsky/peterbald, and I'm wondering which mine is. I found Odin from a friend of my mother. He needed to be relocated as the new baby in his house was...
  5. Joierenee

    Poof the Peterbald

    I absolutely love my baby so much! But because she is a peterbald, a new breed that's pretty rare, not many know what would be best for her health. If anyone has advice or tips, it would be much appreciated!!
  6. Joierenee

    Peterbald and Skin Allergies

    I recently adopted a pedigree peterbald from the shelter where it was very dirty. They said her legs are lumpy with these little white head lumps but that's how she always will be. I believed them and took her home. When I took her to the vet, he told me he had two Sphinx cats at home and had...
  7. Primo1854

    ISO female Sphynx Chicago

    Looking for Sphynx in Chicago area. I would rather rescue than purchase from a breeder. I only deal locally and will drive up to 4 hours. If you have a Sphynx and are looking to rehome please consider my family. We are experienced with the breed and will give it a very loving home. Go bald!!!
  8. silly4lilly

    The stork is coming!

    Hey All! Its been a while since I've been on here, and I have some questions and I knew this would be the perfect spot. Background: I have one female sphynx and one chihuahua. About a month an a half ago I lost my other sphynx VERY unexpectedly. He threw a blot clot and was paralyzed, had to...
  9. M

    Peterbald Skin Rash

    I adopted my male Peterbald Misha about a year ago. He came from a terrible home with tons of animals and was in rough shape when I got him, he had ear mites, cuts, and scars. He still has little black head looking things on his tail and face that I just can't seem to get rid of. It took him two...
  10. Wyn

    Loving Lap in search of Furrless-friend (near Dallas, TX)

    I've been in love with Peterbald and Sphynx breeds for quite a long time. I've almost always had cats, and though I love all animals, cats primarily have a special place in my heart. I miss the kitty love! So I guess I'm saying I'm looking to adopt. I am willing to travel a fair distance for the...