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  1. Catwaffles

    Napoleon Dynamite (aka Poe) 03/2021

    It has been over two years since we lost our sweetest boy Poe, he was an absolute angel of a hairless little man. He went into full renal failure unexpectedly and while under veterinary care had a bad neurological episode. They advised that he was suffering and we needed to make the choice. We...
  2. Fester

    Cat 5e, 100% packet loss

    My wonderful buddy of 7 years has passed. I named him as a bad pun - cat.5e is the spec. name for ethernet cable. Last Monday evening, I noticed 5e wasn't in his usual evening spot (on a pillow beside me, while i either played video games, or programmed) -- I wouldn't have thought much of it...
  3. S

    Missing you, Sheldon

    My sweet little boy Sheldon passed Tuesday morning. He lived only 5 1/2 years. He succombed to a blood clot from HCM. He was diagnosed in January following a heart failure. I urge Sphynx owners to have their cats screened for this nefarious disease annuallly, before heart failure, while...