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red spots

  1. x0x0Christinaaa

    Curious red patch

    Hi all! My little guy, Pigwidgeon, has a red patch on the skin that's between his back right leg and belly. It doesn't appear to be ringworm, it doesn't seem to bother him at all and he doesn't pay it any extra attention. Before hauling him to the vet, I was wondering if anyone has seen...
  2. LilaCica

    Microsporum canis/feliz

    Dear members, I would like to share my cat's health update with you because may can help you. Some weeks ago i saw a spot on my cats back (picture attached) we went to the vet and he took a part from his skin and sent it to the lab. It was microsporum canis. We received soap, medicine and...
  3. Dobby2013

    Red pimples

    Can any one help me? My 13 month old sphynx has suddenly got some small red pimples. One is on his face and the other is on his back near the scapula. Recently Dobby has been with bouts of sickness,so I have changed his diet to royal canin. Image by Dobby2013 posted Jan 28, 2015 at 8:50 PMImage...
  4. jasmyn

    Help!!! Skin issues!

    The one on his neck showed up about 3 days ago, i have been putting Neosporin on it and i have no idea what it is! It is slightly raised. He also has what appears to be a rash on his nose as well. Anybody have any options/ideas/advice?? My vet is out of town for awhile and there are no others in...