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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Question for Black Sphynx owners

    Morning everyone. I really would love to hear from more experienced moms and dads how you treat scars after the wounds have been healed up? I find them very noticeable on black skin. And afraid Osiris will eventually look like he wound go through a meat grinder machine, and I will be suspected...
  2. H

    Reducing Skin Scarring

    Hi Everyone! My bambino kitten Kovu has been having issues with allergies. He would get really bad rashes and pimples that would eventually bleed, scab, and scar. We have the allergy under control now, thankfully. However, he has been left with pretty bad scarring. His cheeks that were once...
  3. Elaina

    Scar/wound after spay?

    Do you guys think this is healing normally? My friend (who has many cats) said it just looks like scar tissue. She did have dissolvable stitches in, but on her checkup visit to the vets, they removed most of them as I told them she had been pulling at them with her teeth. (She was determined to...
  4. Sphnxophelia

    Ringworm Scars??? Advice needed

    Hey All, My Poor baby kittens got Ringworm a couple weeks ago and we put on a Cream that healed them quickly. However, Now they have these very dark brown/black spots where ever they had their Ringworm before. Is this Scarring? If not what is this and will it go away? I need to...
  5. pussiette

    Scarring on skin

    Does anyone know how long are scarring lasts for on sphynx skin I was wondering if where the biopsies were taken if that will stop being white I feel so sad every time I look at it and am reminded on how delicate she is.