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  1. Alonasmommy

    White spots under the skin

    Hello everybody, My cat is 3 months old. Before we took it , she only ate orijen dry food. When we tried at first to make the food transition from advance to orijen dry food ( i hope i spell it corectly ) some red and white spots appeared on her skin. We went to the vet, she recommend some hipo...
  2. Bigglesworth1

    Very SEVERE skin problem

    Hey everyone, I thought I would post my story with my cat Mr Bigglesworth, as I hope it may help others, or that someone can help me! My baby has always had perfect skin. Over the course of two weeks he has developed a very SEVERE skin issue and has been to the vet multiple time. It started out...
  3. demyan

    Skin allergy or infection? Uticaria pigmentosa?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this on their Sphynx before. It started 3 days ago as just a few red hives that seemed to rapidly spread and is still spreading. However the hives aren’t very raised anymore and it mostly feels very dry and flakey. Henry doesn’t seem...