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soft stool

  1. Pohn

    Sudden vomiting and soft stool

    Hi guys! I thought I would share a recent story of mine. Maybe it could help and others could learn from it too. So 1 and a half week ago, at about 3 AM, I woke up because I heard funny noises. My boy was smacking his lips and then cried out in pain. A sec later, his tummy went up and down...
  2. E

    Kitten has anal sores??

    Hi everyone, I bright my baby Egg home 4 days ago and have noticed there’s odd sores or something on the sides of his anus. His stools have been loose and smell terrible. But otherwise he seems in high spirits, eating and drinking well. My vet doesn’t have an appointment for 3 weeks, which I...
  3. AndreaM

    Possible Irritable Bowel Disease, but

    Ok, this has been going on with my Sphynx since DECEMBER 2015!! Diarrhea and/or soft stool for months, and occasional bright red blood in stool for 1.5 months. This is what we've tried: * = current - Deworm - Metronidazole - FortaFlora - Hill's I/D - Hill's Z/D * - Natural Balance...