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    Sphynx Cats & Tattoos...

    For anyone that likes to walk a bit on the wild side - be sure to visit Vintage Sphynx either on Facebook or their really cool Instagram page Vintage Sphynx on instagram. Oh, and if you have a Tat and Sphynx Cat - tag #vintagesphynx for your shot of the weekly "The Bees Knees!"and be sure to...
  2. My Baby, Buster

    My Baby, Buster

    Isn't he a cutie?
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    Dangerous household items for your Sphynx Cat

    Chair Spokes that taper - cats can get their head through the wide part but may panic if they lay down and get stuck at the narrow part Exercise Tubing - used for isometric training - they can chew a piece off the rubber tube and cause an intestinal blockage Checking refrigerators, ovens...