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sphynx love

  1. lynda hollis

    Damnit Nalah!!!

    So today I got home about 7pm to see the UPS man in front of my door. . . which surprised me because of how late it was. However, I was happy to see him because I knew he had the meat grinder I ordered to make food for Nalah. The Tasin TS 108. I asked him if he needed me to sign for the...
  2. lynda hollis

    Great News!

    I've been looking to adopt my first very own Sphynx kitty and as per advice from some of the wonderful members on this site, I've been contacting the only two breeders I could find in New York to see if they were retiring any beautiful Sphynxs. I've left messages and became a tad bit discouraged...
  3. Susanhughes

    How cute is this

  4. BGB

    Sphynx Groupie

    I have love Sphynx cats for a long time. I think they are such beautiful cats and would really love to own one someday. Right now I live out of the states and in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I hate it. I've always grown up around animals so I'm a little down that couldn't even bring my...
  5. captain_tinky

    Pippin's magical powers

    Today we had our weekly family get together, and beings that we didn't get Pip until Thursday night last week nobody knew about her except everyone here. So today she had to meet two people who don't like hairless cats, so i dreaded that all day. I finally let Pippin out of the playpen when we...