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stomach problems

  1. KKristen61

    Help! My kitten has horrible diarrhea

    I just got my kitten at the end of May. She is 4 months old and she has had chronic diarrhea for the whole time I've had her off and on. Her energy is great, she doesn't have a fever, the vet checked her for parasites, everything and they found nothing. The vet gave her something for the...
  2. JeMarieF

    8 month old kitten having tummy problems

    My 8 month old sphynx kitten has been having diarrhea on and off for 6 days. I told the vet about it and she didn't recommend I come in because it wasn't happening for more than 24 hours at a time. I've been filtering his water, restricting his food intake, and I'm about to switch him to a food...
  3. Toots182

    Please help

    Hi there everyone, I'm really new to this but I have a bit of a question about my 4 year old baby Danzig. About a week ago he was heaving and was sick, only thing that came up was some food he had eaten. I would assume if this was a normal cat the heaving would be because of a hairball? But...
  4. TanyaMeaw

    I am very scared, Please HELP!!!

    I haven't been here in quite a while... And I'm sorry that I haven't been contributing to this wonderful community, i feel awful... I really need your help, advise, suggestions, anything! I think my cat might die... If you have a minute, please read my story, sorry its kinda long... My Nacho...
  5. Rox

    PaulCat is vomiting for no known cause - it won't stop :[

    My 3y/o red sphynx, Paul, has been sick with this mysterious illness for months now. I have seen 3 different vet clinics and ran them each to the point of no solutions except "Maybe it's anxiety" and a long list of negative test results and a pretty hole burnt in my pocket. (It's not anxiety, I...