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  1. Monica

    Boys Suck??

    Hola Lairians! Does your sphynx suck?? ... Kenzo has serious suckling tendencies. It’s not quite to the point of a ‘compulsive behavior,’ but it’s definitely a habit. He mainly does it before he goes to sleep every night, or if he’s feeling especially affectionate during the day. I’ve noticed...
  2. @kingkenzobare_


  3. Bindiandpumpkin

    Why is she Suckling still!?

    My girl kitten keeps trying to suckle my boy kitten!! She tries to suckle him all over and I can imagine it's quite uncomfortable for him, any tips on how to get her to stop? And why does she do this still if she's fully weaned? :bored:
  4. Sphanks

    Sucking on himself?

    Hey there! I recently adopted my first sphynx cat (he is now 4 months old and a week or so) and he sucks on himself like he's nursing his mother. He does this every day before he falls asleep and sometime I think he is even asleep and still doing it. I know this can be a sign of being taken...
  5. siouxsie

    need a little help

    Hello all, just wondered if anyone can help, I have read a couple of posts regarding 'blackheads' but thaught as i have 2 problems I would post here. firstly our sphynx Cecil is about half a year old and he has two problems. The first being a servere case of blackheads.. and Im not just...