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  1. Anansi

    Sun Safety Questions

    Hey, My partner and I are finally in a position to be able to add a Sphynx into out small family at the start of the new year and I am doing as much research into their care as possible, because it's the only thing keeping me sane while I wait haha. My main question was for sun safety since I...
  2. Maddie

    Astrid's Adventures: Sun Tanning

    So it's decent weather today, and Astrid wanted to go outside lol she proceeded to lounge around and roll. The cement blocks get pretty warm so I'm assuming that's why She can't be allowed out yet alone: don't need a suicide jumping cat through the bars, so have to figure something out. She's...
  3. dodocats

    Enjoy the charming Nature of Sweden HD

    Hello again :D This time I will show you a very beautiful video of the charming Swedish natural landscapes in the summer August best time of the year :3 and it's HD Vodio hehehe :p You will love it specially Sweden Lovers ♡♡
  4. summertime sadness

    summertime sadness

    all he wants to do is stay outside on the balcony, but he's just too delicate out there
  5. nfaerie

    Coping with heat in summer

    Well, i know many other members live in different countries. But right now in Australia, it is Spring and by the weather it looks to be a very hot summer. I know animals can get heat stroke, and some can die from it. At the moment my Cleopatra SoftPaws doesnt seem too bothered by the heat, but...