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  1. A

    Sweaters for Sphynxes... which material is best?

    I don't have a Sphynx myself, but a close friend now has one, and Imma knit that nekkid baby a sweater. Are Sphynx particularly sensitive to any materials? Acrylic yarn has come a long way, it's much softer than it used to be. It's also very easy to launder. Good quality wool yarn is also an...
  2. Hit them with the Smolder

    Hit them with the Smolder

  3. Jackolyn

    Best Sphynx Sweater/Clothing Options?

    Hello everyone! I've been browsing online lately to get some sweaters for my little girl Aurora (who's health has been doing great recently!) and I keep finding myself looking at "Sphynx Swag", and debating on getting one or two sweaters from them for her to try out - though she's only 4 months...
  4. @kingkenzobare_


  5. Peachy Kitties

    Sphynx has hair on tail and muzzle?

    So my 1 year old kitten has white hair growing on her tail and muzzle, but I don't know if this stops after she gets a little older? She has lots of peach fuzz elsewhere on her body, too. I've done some research and it says the peach fuzz is normal, but I don't know about the two other spots...
  6. Nicolemorgan

    Gatsby & Loki Like When Mom Is Home

    Well, I didn't have to work today...so instead I decided to make Gatsby & Loki some new shirts. They don't wear them that often, but they haven't gotten any new ones in a while. Usually I make super simple fleece shirts that take all about 2 minutes to make. But today since I had time, I decided...
  7. Nudie Patootie

    Valentine's Clothing

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have just finished listing our 2016 Valentines Collection! There are limited quantities in each size and when they are gone...they are gone! Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping domestically and flat rate...
  8. kelsheyyx

    breeze litter box?

    I've had many friends recommend the breeze litter system to me since it is a lot less smelly, and there is no litter that will be tracked around the house. My kitten was using scoop away before I bought her, so I bought that for her to use and placed it next to the breeze. I'm trying to...
  9. Christmas Angel

    Christmas Angel

  10. Sweater Weather

    Sweater Weather

  11. Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

    Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

  12. purple people pleaser

    purple people pleaser

    he is so little here, this sweater is barely big enough to hold him anymore
  13. confessions of a teenage drama king

    confessions of a teenage drama king

    i hope he doesn't feel humiliated by this photo
  14. Imported Item

    Imported Item

    Paxx's first night home.
  15. Imported Item

    Imported Item

    Air Commander Paxx.