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  1. dodocats

    Deer Running in the snow Sweden HD

    Hello hello! :happy::happy: please allow me to share this video with you :whistle: I hope that won't bother anyone here:shame: Enjoy it :sleep::sleep::happy:
  2. dodocats

    Time Lapse Video of Sunset Sweden

    Hello Everyone!! :cat::cat::cat::woot::woot: it has been a very long time since my last visit here, hope you are all fine and life treats you well!!!:):shame: I have been studying and yet I have to to more and more and hopefully in August I will start the college here in Sweden after finishing...
  3. dodocats

    An Evening ride in the Swedish Winter

    Hello Everyone :happy: I hope you are all fine! how it's winter with you :cold: today I will share with you this little ride in the Swedish suburbs but in winter see the beautiful snow:cool: Hope you will like it (y)
  4. dodocats

    Autumn Bus Ride in Dalarna Sweden

    Hello hello everyone :) it really has been long time since my last topic :p hope you all are fine! (y) Today I will take you in a small ride in the Swedish nature in Autumn who doesn't like the fall specially if it was as charming as in Sweden! Enjoy it :D :woot:
  5. dodocats

    Enjoy the charming Nature of Sweden HD

    Hello again :D This time I will show you a very beautiful video of the charming Swedish natural landscapes in the summer August best time of the year :3 and it's HD Vodio hehehe :p You will love it specially Sweden Lovers ♡♡
  6. dodocats

    A nice walk in the forest Swedish Nature

    Hello Everyone :) What's up ? Hope you are all fine! Today you will have a nice walk in the forest see the beautiful Swedish Nature and the amazing trees with fresh air and wonderful weather sunny summer day walking in the woods Searching for Blue Berries and Raspberries and might have luck and...
  7. Nakedandcurly

    So happy to join you guys!

    Hello everyone! So happy and excited about this new part of life! I'm from Sweden and two weeks ago I got my first naked baby, and three days ago I got a curly Cornish Rex as a friend to him! A lady Rex. Had some complications with their diarrhoea though. But those lucky babies are on a...