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throwing up

  1. N

    Several weeks of diarrhea =(

    Any and all help is appreciated! TIA!! Our ~7year old sphynx cat has been having diarrhea for several weeks now. We tried giving some probiotics, which seemed to help a little but didn't make diarrhea go away. After 7 days of probiotics, we took him to a vet who took a stool sample and...
  2. Vadersmom

    New here, need help!

    So about 3 weeks ago I adopted a 2.5 yo male sphynx from a breeder in my hometown. She explained that the other males in her home weren’t being very mice to him and she just wanted him to go to a good home. Me- knowing NOTHING about this breed, but always wanting one- jumped at the opportunity...
  3. Hillary

    Ate a cotton pad!!

    Hey guys i need your advice, I swear Norman is in terrible two mode lately!!! Into anything and everything he possibly can be, about two days ago he some how opened a bag of cotton pads and started eating one!! I ran and stuck my finger in there to get it before he swallowed but if course he...
  4. zmoore

    Acute vomiting

    I have an 8 month old kitty and a day and a half ago he started vomiting. At first I assumed he ate his brother's food too and was just throwing up because of that, but it continued every few hours and started to be just bile. I brought him to the vet who gave us prescription food to see if...
  5. BusterTheCat

    Belly Ache

    Busty isn't feeling too well. Last night, he threw up and had diarrhea. Today he hasn't been eating. Sunday was the first day we introduced him to Dunkin and we also did so yesterday. I don't know if maybe Buster ate something or if he's extremely stressed. It's worrying me a lot because I don't...
  6. Tale Grude

    My kitten is threw up

    Hi! My kitten has been playing around and being really energetic this eveing, which she always is. And I gave her some food before we're heading to bed. And then she went potty, jumped out and suddenly threw up! I don't know why. Could it be cause she's been running around then eating directly...