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  1. ArkenBillsmom

    When is it too late to add a sphynx?

    Hello, It may take me a while to save up in order to get Bill a compainion. We would like to get a cat to get Bill out of our hair a bit (he loves my husband too much) and also add to our sphynx addiction. Bill is 8 months. Is there a time limit for getting a new sphynx? When is it too late to...
  2. HybridSphynx

    Gotcha day gone wrong/questions HELP!

    So i told everyone i would post pics of my gotcha day and how everything went. Well i only got a few.... things did not go well. I did receive Illusion but as i feared she hates my guts and she does not like my boyfriend. she growls at us if we pick her up to do her nails (we just did them and...