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tips welcome

  1. Sarahstar66

    Kitten Proofing!

    Our gotcha day isn't until the end of March, but I'm too excited not to be preparing the house already. And I just think you can never start too soon with these things. I guess my big picture question is: just how curious IS your Sphynx? My boyfriend and I both work during the day. He usually...
  2. Sarahstar66

    New Sphynx mommy here!

    Hello! Last weekend, I put down my deposit on the sweetest little sphynx kitten in the whole world. (I guess I am biased though, haha!) Princess Lilith will come to me in just ten weeks, and I'm just a bundle of excitement and nerves! I've grown up in a family with countless pets, but this will...
  3. celesteandbrina

    Moving houses with 3 month old Sphynx

    Hey all, I have had Sabrina for almost a month now, and I am finally moving out of my dad's house to my own 1 bedroom home. I feel bad about moving her again, but I have to.:( I move this Tuesday and I plan on keeping her at my dads until Tuesday night, when I will be 95% moved in. Most of the...