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toilet trouble

  1. Wednesdaysmum

    Seeking advice from successful litter quitters

    Hey there friends, I am seeking advice from any sphynx parents who have successfully toilet trained their sphynx using litter quitter or similar products. We have had Wednesday now for 7 months and are on our third attempt. On the first occasion he suffered constipation when we entered the...
  2. Eelsa

    Sphynx poops

    About to own my very first Sphinx and wanted to ask if the stories of their poops being the worst is true? I have heard some people say their entire house will smell after their poops.
  3. Bindiandpumpkin

    Litter box issues still! Please help

    So after having tried everything, moving the litter boxes, 8 different varieties if litter, a trip to the vets to rule out infection, I'm am still stuck as to why my girl sphynx (bindi) is still weeing everywhere. She has been spayed and although I thought that stopped the problem temporarily we...