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  1. beccerzz11

    new baby coming home soon.... tips for transition??

    Hello! My first ever sphynx is coming home Jan 4 and I am preparing my home. I've cat-proofed (thanks to all of your suggestions), but I was wondering if there were any other tips on how to make him comfortable, teach him where is litter will be, etc. Thanks in advance :)
  2. RoxannK

    Anyone feed a raw food diet?

    I'm currently researching and considering transitioning to a raw food diet for my two Sphynx kitties and Pomeranian. Does anyone else do this or have transition tips?
  3. Shontae

    General Questions-New Owner

    Hello everyone! I have my new baby picked out and am impatiently waiting for the first week of November when I can drive 7 hours to go get him! However, in the meantime I am obsessively learning all I can so I can be the best new mom I can be. I have found out so much, but do have a few general...