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  1. GMPLAX23

    anyone else?

    There have been a few times where I couldn't find Tut in the house. *CUE ANXIETY* and panic sets in and I'm running around the house screaming Tut...TUT! and of course no meow to signal where he is. Then I rack my brain how could he be gone? I check his favorite spots, pat down the blankets on...
  2. Amy31

    To treat, or not to treat.

    hey guys, just a quick one, I have five dogs, and we often buy them pigs ears to chew on, I've just given the, one and in walks lucifer with one in his mouth! Chewing away very contentley, do you think these will be okay for him? Or is it a big no no, he seems to love it! TIA :)
  3. BusterTheCat

    Update on Buster's bathing!

    I made a post a while ago about how much Buster hates his baths and asked for suggestions. I remember reading somewhere that it could be helpful to put a treat on a floating object in the bath. I kept treats in the bathroom and put a couple leading to the bath so he could walk up to it on his...