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true story

  1. PeppermintsDads

    31 hours by Peppermintsdads A true Story.

    The Hardest 31Hrs It was 530pm June 30th having had peppermint slip from her harness and run down the street after being spooked by the overweight black cat. My heart breaks as I chase after her and then shatter as she makes a sharp turn towards the third house down's backyard. Which in our...
  2. Monica

    I have a confession...

    I do not like cats.... .... like AT ALL... ... I am a DOG PERSON... who loves Sphynx Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! :p:) To be entirely honest, I’ve had a couple cats in my childhood. My ex-roommates had cats, my neighbors had cats, and my friends had cats; all furry, all...