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  1. HarrytheCat

    My sphynx is peeing outside of the litterbox. Help!!

    About two months ago we came back from a month long trip from Thailand and when we got back we noticed that Harry was not peeing in the litter after a few days we brought him to the vet. His bladder was fine but we got his urine checked and there was Crystals. So the vet told us to give him...
  2. Dallassummer

    Crystals & Weight Loss

    Simba's had a long journey of health issues lately, he had a mass of struvite crystals and he was a hefty 14.8 lbs. All the vets reccommended the prescription food, with numerous amounts of meds such as prednisone- an anabolic steroid, and dasaquin- a glucosamine supplement, & salt. The main...