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  1. OsirisZaGod

    Question about Sphynx with urinary infection.

    My baby is only 3 months old. I just got him two weeks ago, and this past weekend I noticed he bled on my bedsheet. He subsequently was up all night having trouble urinating and dripping blood. He even had some nasty diarrhea at one point, and looked visibly ill at one point. I took him to the...
  2. HarrytheCat

    My sphynx is peeing outside of the litterbox. Help!!

    About two months ago we came back from a month long trip from Thailand and when we got back we noticed that Harry was not peeing in the litter after a few days we brought him to the vet. His bladder was fine but we got his urine checked and there was Crystals. So the vet told us to give him...
  3. Catzzzmeow

    Trip to the vet

    Babas started yelling this morning and I assumed it was him announcing he had to poop (as he loves to share that with everyone). But after a few weird yowls more than usual I went up to see what he was doing. I started to clean the litter boxes and took the lid off the one and he watched me and...
  4. MissLadyK

    Scratching and some other things

    Hey hello, I have had my rescued sphynx Mozy for about a week now. He is settling great, really acting like a cat, running around playing and of course lots and lots of cuddles. He is very clumsy, is that a normal sphynx thing? Haha, any who for the real questions. He has been scratching his...
  5. TWPInc

    Urinary Blockage in kitten

    Good Morning, I am reaching to anyone on here that have any history of cats with a urinary blockage. I ended up in the er vet last week sunday with Beauie. He was near death due to a blackage. He was catheterized and help over night. I picked him up and took him to our vet first thing monday...
  6. admin

    Sphynx pooping or peeing outside the litter box

    Over the years Sphynxlair has heard many stories of pooping and peeing outside the litter box so we thought we would compile all the scattered information into one clean version. :D Is it my litter or box? Should I change litters? Does my Sphynx cat like his/her litter? Is she allergic to it...