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Cameras -- what do you use & like?

Toa and Ross

Staff member
Jan 23, 2015
View attachment 69156 View attachment 69152 View attachment 69153 View attachment 69154 View attachment 69155 View attachment 69151 I have been a photographer for many years and actually have a degree in photography. Right now I am using a canon 7D. I always recommend the canon line of cameras. They seem more user friendly than other brands. The rebel is a great little camera I had one for years! You can't go wrong with them. (I've actually found a forum about sphynx kitties AND cameras? Oh I think I have found my people!!!) Here are some photos I've done with my 7D.
Wow amazingly beautiful photos. Your 7D must be great but more important you must have talent. Cause when you give me a 7d I still make crappy pics:)!

Traci Smith

Nov 15, 2017
I know this is a older thread, but I let my mom have my last camera and I am wanting to get a new one. I had the Nikon 5400 I think it was. I loved it. Took great photos. I was thinking about a canon this time I was looking at some used ones, and new. What is the big difference between these two besides the megapixels. 18 vs 24. Or what about the rebel series. I was looking on Craigslist to since it’s the holidays and I know people are looking to upgrade. If you go to Craigslist and pick Phoenix “east valley” and something that looks like. Great deal and seems good I would love some input!

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