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  1. Remy

    White spots around neck???

    Hi all, Any help would be much appreciated! My lovely boy Remy has come up with a lot of white spots around the sides and back of his neck and a few onto his front arms... I think it may be feline acne as he has always had a few blackheads on his chin but he absolutely hates to be washed so...
  2. Shanebakertat2

    Sphynx Acne

    Does anyone have any experience with Douxo ? My vet suggested it for Dobby’s skin, (he gets itchy acne in the warmer months) but he hates it. He doesn’t enjoy baths either, but he cowers when he sees the bottle of foam. Hes Today he drooled, when I foamed him. The directions say not to...
  3. Kristen G

    Red blotch on skin?

    hi has anyone seen a blotch like this on their sphynx? Im hoping its not ringworm. Its a single faint red blotch. Previously, he had some random pimples that the vet said was most likely kitten acne. The pimples went away and just today this one blotch came about. Not sure if its something to be...
  4. Tamsin

    Sphynx boil?!

    Our Sphynx boy gets some pretty epic feline acne, we do our best to keep on top of it considering tictac likes to be a grubby boy! We noticed a lump on his chin that started off like a blind zit and got larger, we took him to the vets and with a course of antibiotics it almost disappeared. It...
  5. sarahandatari

    Sphynx Cat chin acne!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site, as I created an account to have some help with this on going problem with my female Sphynx, Atari! she has pretty sever(?) acne. she has a ton of black heads on her chin, to the point where her skin underneath is turning blue from all the gunk! I can't...
  6. Hairless Blessing

    Very interesting

    A lot of help with cat issues, acne, skin all natural. Cat Acne and Skin Conditions: Natural Remedies!
  7. Spoon&Sphynx

    Stud tail acting up yet again

    I've read some of the stud tail forums here, but I'm just at a loss what to do. My Luna has the absolute worst tail acne. She's 2 and a half and fixed. She gets huge black heads that literally feel like pebbles. She also gets cyst build ups when the acne gets really bad. We've mentioned it to...