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  1. amemani

    Looking to adopt in Los Angeles!

    Hello! I am looking for a Sphynx to adopt in Los Angeles! I can get to pretty much all of Southern California. My family lives in New Jersey, so I’d also be able to adopt from around the east coast/ tristate area as well! I’ve been living with a very friendly male Sphynx cat that’s about a year...
  2. B

    Need to rehome my male sphynx- California

    I'm looking for a new caring home for my sphynx bc I will be relocating for work and won't be able to take him with me. He's 2 years old and loves to hang out with people and other pets. He's from a really good breeder in SD and has all his paperwork. I'm asking $250 rehoming fee. Text...
  3. CasonMilton435

    Looking to adopt kitty NYC/Queens

    We are looking to adopt a Sphynx baby to love and add to our home. We live next door to my mother in law who has a 11 year old tabby so new Sphynx won’t be too lonely/can have a play date if wanted. Looking for an ex-breeder or any Sphynx for rehome. We will pay shipping. Thanks for reading!
  4. Cgrover

    Looking to adopt adult Sphynx OR/PNW

    Hello! I am a college student (with lots of undivided attention to give) looking to adopt a (preferably rehomed) adult Sphynx in Oregon/PNW area. I finally have a place of my own and want to start the processes of looking a sphynx (open to bambino or rex)! If anyone has any leads or knows of...
  5. Heidiho

    Looking for a Lil Yoda in CO

    Hi everyone! My Colorado family and I are looking to adopt/provide a forever home for lil naked baby. My 16 yr old daughter has committed to providing a warm bed, and I’m happy to knit longneck sweaters for days as it can get cold here when the snow flies. ; ) Plus, we have lots of love and...
  6. F

    Guys I have struck a low point in my search

    Guys I really just wanna give up trying to find a sphynx. Every person that seems legit either stops contacting me or ends up being a major scam! I want a special needs, retired breeder, or an adult sphynx who I can give the best life but so far that’s been too hard! Why do people try and scam...
  7. Gray

    2Y/O Female Black/Blue Sphynx in Burlington Ontario (GTA)

    Location: Burlington, ON, Canada Pictures: Attached Price: $250 Any additional info: - Marceline (Marcy) is a 2 year old lady - Would do best with other animals or with an affectionate home with time to delicate a fair bit of affection to her - She is a sweet girl who loves windows and...
  8. kaycianne

    Looking to adopt in VA Area! Finally ready after losing my first baby!

    Willing to adopt from a family that needs to rehome or ready to find a reputable breeder in the area. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!
  9. B

    Adoption of declawed Sphynx

    Hello All, First and foremost, I want to preface my post with the fact that I have previously owned a Sphynx and am in love with the breed just like all of you! In my search for a new baby, I discovered a 1.5 year old Sphynx that is up for adoption but has unfortunately been declawed. It broke...
  10. T

    Looking to adopt!

    Hi all! I live in the NYC area and am looking to adopt a Sphynx! My roommate has one, just shy of a year, and I've fallen absolutely head-over-heels for him and would love to get a buddy for both myself and him. :) I'm experienced & knowledgeable about grooming and raw diets and have reached...
  11. Jx Yeomans

    Looking to adopt Co.

    Hello, We are looking to adopt or rescue in Colorado.
  12. Aja

    Looking to Rehome 2 Sphynx - NYC Area

    Hi! I'm looking to rehome my two sphynxes, Pearl (4) + Herbie (3.5). I recently divorced and started a new job where I’m traveling all the time, so I can no longer give them the attention and love they need. I posted once before on this forum at the start of the summer but multiple potential...
  13. Katrina Mahmoud

    Looking to adopt around Michigan or further

    I’m absolutely obsessed with spyhnx cats. I would love to first adopt someone in need before spending over a grand on a kitten.
  14. Brianna Janz

    Looking to adopt around Ohio!

    Looking to adopt a wonderful sphynx of any age, and am willing to travel within a few states to pick up. I have never owned a sphynx but have read about their health, coat, habits, and eating, and I am confident that with the help of SphynxLair forums and my vets advice I will be able to...
  15. A

    Looking to adopt in Winnipeg

    Hello! Ive recently gotten my little boy (7months) and though he doesn't appear to mind having him and i only. i know that he would love to have a friend to have around with him. if anyone lives and around Winnipeg and is needing to re home please email me! :) I dont mind making the travel...
  16. Kyley

    Looking in San Diego, CA for a kitten to adopt

    Hello I’ve been searching for a kitten in the San Diego area to adopt, we are starting to lose all hope:/... praying that we can get a sphynx kitty soon. We are willing to go 20-50 miles out of our area to adopt if necessary. Please help us find our forever dream kitty! ❤️ Thank you all, Kye.
  17. DrMindy

    Looking for furless feline for loving Texas home!

    I have always wanted a sphinx cat and never thought it possible to adopt! I’ve rescued many pets and am looking to find a friendly furless friend to join the family. The fit must be right with two adult cats and 2 dogs already here with my husband, 3 children and I. I am a proud pharmacist and...
  18. sphynkles

    Breeders in BC, Canada?

    so, as you may know, I'm saving up for a sphynx! But, I'm stumped on breeders. If anyone here knows a sphynx breeder in BC, Canada, preferably near Vancouver, please comment here. Also, if you know how much their babies usually sell for, please let me know. Please include a contact number if you...
  19. Camcomeon

    Looking to adopt in the Houston, TX area

    Hi, my name is Cameron and I am new to this forum. I have been considering getting a Sphynx for about 2 years now, but I have had little luck on the standard pet adoption sites. After reading through these forums, it seems that there are a lot more success stories, so hopefully, mine will be one...
  20. Monikamb123

    Long time cat lover, wanting a sphinx baby

    Hi my names Monika I am located in the Tampa Bay area. I have owned cats in the past, but for the past year I've been a foster mom for special needs cats/kittens. I now am considering settling down with one precious baby. I am very interested in adopting/fostering a sphinx cat. I do not have...
  21. JenRAWR 101

    ISO Sphynx near Pittsburgh, PA Area.

    Hello Sphynx Lair! I am I search of a kitten-young adult Sphynx to adopt/rescue. I had to make the painful decision of saying goodbye to my baby Jynx May 23rd of this year to Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure... Loosing her left a void in our hearts and my boy Bynx. I think it is...
  22. A

    would love to adopting a sphynx

    i would love to adopt a sphynx , so please let me know because i will love giving a cat a forever home .
  23. U

    ISO of naked kitty in Chicago/surrounding area

    Hi all I would love to adopt a cat in or near Chicago. I have a senior dog, that loves cats and has lived with them on and off for years. I would prefer an adult/senior cat. I can provide vet references/character references if needed.
  24. R

    Hello! New and looking to adopt!

    My Name is Hannah, I'm a 21 year old animal mom, I have had many animals all my life and am looking to add a sphynx into my home. I live in a three bedroom house with my boyfriend of 4 years in New Hampshire. We have both come to the agreement that adding a rescue sphynx into our lives would be...
  25. B

    Looking to Adopt in Florida

    Good afternoon! I have always wanted to adopt a sphynx and have vet tech experience as well as experience with caring for cats all my life. I currently do not have any other pets and would love to take on the rewarding challenge of adopting a sphynx and am willing to give him/her my full...