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  1. Cocoandcirca

    Awakening from anesthesia worries

    Hi everyone :-) My 8 year old sphynx girl will be undergoing a teeth extraction soon and I’m worried as hell about the anesthesia. I have been reading everything in here about avoiding ketamine and which other options to suggest to my vet. However I can’t seem to find anything about the...
  2. gollumthesphynx

    Heart Murmur and Castration

    Hello my fellow Sphynx Lovers! I'm starting this thread out of concern for my 6.5 month old male sphynx, Gollum. He is scheduled for his castration this Friday. However, when I took him to the vet yesterday evening for a general check up, they diagnosed him with a grade 2 heart mumur (he's had...
  3. R

    some questions before spaying

    hi everyone . we're getting our Evie spayed next week , and I was wondering if you could help me with some concerns i have . She's 6 months old and about 2.5 kg 1. Our vet has experience with sphynx cats but I still want to make sure she doesnt use any drugs that may hurt my girl . what can't...
  4. SphynxMom1993

    What is oldest Sphynx you have put under anesthesia or know of for dental or other?

    I am curious the oldest Sphynx you have put under anesthesia for a dental or other surgery? Is it just Ketamine to avoid? Do they usually do ok on anesthesia? Our Sphynx is 15 years old. We've fed raw for 10 years and our vet said last year and even UT vet school in 2013 her teeth looked fine. I...