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  1. H

    My cat won't stop biting his tail!

    Hi everyone! My hairless cat is 3 years old, and has playfully bitten at his tail since he was a baby. It appears from the outside that he does not realize it is his tail, and will swat and bite at it. The past few months, he has started to be more aggressive with his tail, attacking it to the...
  2. NYC Andrea

    Ark Naturals - Happy Traveler?

    Has anyone tried the Happy Traveler capsules by Ark Naturals? They were recommended to me by a holistic pet store to ease vet anxiety.
  3. Bogeycat

    CBD Oil

    Does anyone know about/use CBD oil for cats? I've found some interesting information and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it.. I want to get him on an anti-anxiety/calming supplement that's all natural and safe for him. Please see my full explanation about my little cat below to understand a...