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  1. GMPLAX23

    anyone else?

    There have been a few times where I couldn't find Tut in the house. *CUE ANXIETY* and panic sets in and I'm running around the house screaming Tut...TUT! and of course no meow to signal where he is. Then I rack my brain how could he be gone? I check his favorite spots, pat down the blankets on...
  2. Meggymason

    I'm getting my first sphynx kitten this weekend, I feel nervous, is it normal?

    Hi so I'm fairly new at this and I am getting my first kitten ever.... and it just so happens to be a sphynx! My boyfriend and I live together and after falling in love with our neighbors hairless little dude we decided to adopt our own. I'm not sure why but every day I have been so gut...