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bathing your sphynx

  1. Jan Buhrmann

    How to bath my sphynx if she hates it?

    Hello everybody, I am Jan from Berlin. Since 10 weeks I have a little Sphynxkitten Emma and since two weeks the two year old Marwin. Emma hates it if I try to bath her. She acts like in a cartoon, screeming and all praws spreat out of her body. I tried different strategies: sink in the kithcen...
  2. Jacks153

    Happy To Join You All!!

    Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California . Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This breed has...
  3. JaniinaEklund

    The best shampoo for sphynx and bathing routine?

    Hi everyone, I just got Ade home a week ago and soon is the first bath with him. For that I would like to ask your tips regarding shampoo and the basic bathing routine (if there is any). What shampoo are you using and how do you handle the bathing? How often do you bath? Does your cats like...
  4. admin

    Bathing your Sphynx Cat and why.

    Why do I have to bathe my Sphynx cat once a week and why is he so oily and dirty? Sphynx cats tend to show dirt and oil for the lack of fur, their skin produces the same oils as a fully furred cat (sebum), but the oil is not spread or hidden in the fur. Some sphynx cats will get dirtier more...