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  1. ArixGee

    Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

  2. Jennilouwho

    Bath time problems

    Hi guys! My little Bambino Kiwi HATES bath time! Last time he bit me so hard I bled for 2 days. I’ve tried getting in with him, toys in the tub and giving treats. Any suggestions? He’s a dirty gross boy
  3. dmlidiane

    Hairy Sphynx Cat

    Hi Guys, the baby I’m about to adopt has some hair. The previous owner said she never bathes her, but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Does anyone have the same issue? Should I bathe her? Or just use wipes on the hairless areas? thank you so much
  4. DobsMom13046

    My Asthma attacks.... Help?

    Hello new friends! I am a 23yo female in Illinois. I am a new first time Sphynx mom to a 3 month old. I am allergic to all hairy cats but in the month that I've had my Dobby I have not had any of my typical allergic reactions. I was so excited. But now I think I have a problem. I have low grade...
  5. sphynkles

    Kilo Ren Bathtime!

    Hey Lair buddies, Today i am batging Kilo Ren, my new sphynx kitty! I have bathed him once before, and i think i will do it weekly, for he gets filthy, very quickly. And yesssss... step by step.. with PICTURES!!! Enjoy! 1.towel in dryer for 2.15 minutes 3. Kilo laying in his bed 4.supplies...
  6. Nicolemorgan

    A Clean Baby

    It was bath day here at our household, and Gatsby just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone! :) He is all squeaky clean and was excited to get his photo taken! <3 And the final one, for his extreme close up. Love that chicken neck ;)
  7. A

    Dark flaky/patchy looking areas a few days after bath and coconut oil.

    Hi everyone! I am new to this website! I adopted a baby boy sphynx who is almost 5 months old, his name is Klaus. He is truly the apple of my eye and I love him so much. After his first bath last Saturday, his skin seemed to become dry as he is not oily in the first place however, I wanted to...
  8. snuggs213

    Help, my cats are upset after daycare!

    Hey everyone, I apologize for not posting in such a long time. I had gotten very ill and unfortunately I was never on my computer. :( Last week I took both Rusty and Meg to a very cool daycare here in Los Angeles, CA. I explained to them Rusty's temperament, and how he is very timid. I requested...
  9. BluesMummy


  10. BluesMummy

    Bathtime !!!