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black spots

  1. AlbertoMp3

    Skin changes

    Hi all my baby Juno is two years old she a month or two ago started having this weird rash on her chest and neck and legs. It’s not raised and or bumpy or dry or flakey, or red or open. she does not over groom spots and she does not seem in any distress and is eating and drinking just the same...
  2. cbearstare

    My Black Sphynx had Drastic Pigment Change

    So I've been looking at this topic on this site and seen quite a bit of varying information. Mostly I was looking at pictures to see if anyone else has had a sphynx with such drastic pigment change as mine. It was like overnight he was 4 shades darker. But this was followed by about 2 weeks of...
  3. Prince Anubis

    10 month old Sphynx growing spots??

    Hi guys I'm new to this, VERY glad a page like this exists, has helped me lots with my new baby. I've recently grown concerned, due to the fact that my 10 month old baby has been growing tiny dark spots on some areas of his body, like on his cheeks, ears & outer areas of his belly? He has also...
  4. K

    Concerned Age Spots/dark pigmentation? Is this normal or a serious problem?

    I got my sphynx from craiglist 5 years ago. Age unknown. I think she is around 15 years old. These spots were not there 5 years ago and are increasing rapidly over the past 1-2 years. She is also obese and on a diet. Her skin has been very oily and she is always dirty so I increased her showers...
  5. Elaina

    Black/brown spots?

    I've posted this before but it seems the marks on my little one isn't getting any better. I've changed litter and food and also reversed back to everything she had as a kitten to see if it is an allergy but it seems nothing has improved. I've attached some photographs below. Do you think it's...
  6. AndreaM

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    I've dug into some of the past forums here on the skin spot issues, but I hadn't seen anything quite like what my almost 13-year-old male has. He's a black & white tux and over the years has had multiplying freckles and moles. He loves the sun, so this is no surprise. Within the past couple of...
  7. Ashdm

    What are these marks on my Sphynx's skin??

    My spyhnx has developed dark marks on his belly. He's a black sphynx anyway but these are very black spots. They have literally shown up in the last 2 weeks and continued to spread in a horizontal line across his abdomen. I've read numerous threads on here about similar marks on the skin but I...
  8. TheFlork

    Creepy black spots on neck and back

    Hey all! long time no see! i got a virus that redirects this site so i can never look at it :-( But goblins come down with some wired spots on the back of his neck and down his back to his hips and i had to get your opinion. heres a pic: they kinda look like somthing splashed on him, but no...