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  1. Ramses2021

    Correct levels of proteins in the blood of our sphynx

    Hello guys. A pleasure to greet you. I'm writing to know if any vet or someone who has recently had blood tests on their kitten, can you tell me what the normal values of total proteins are. In the case of my kitty, he has 8.1g of total protein in his blood. I hope you guys can help me because I...
  2. J

    Bloody Scabs please help

    My kitty is covered in these bloody scabs! Please help! Started as one and is now about twenty+ im sixteen so I'm hoping to avoid a vet bill if possible. Please help. (She jumped into our chlorine pool the other day she was only in for a matter of seconds, could that have caused it.
  3. Greenman

    Dry blood around mouth and neck?

    I often wake up in the morning to find my sphynx with dry blood around her face and neck. I was thinking she might be scratching too much and/or her skin is too dry. I don't see her scratching these areas excessively during the day. Any help or recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Emma


    Hey guys I have a 1yr old sphynx names Rosie. In January I adopted a cat from the spca. Ever since then Rosie has been throwing up and pooping straight blood. My bathroom looks like a crime scene constantly. We have tried EVERYTHING. We have treated her for giardia, possible ibs with...
  5. Maddie

    Green and Bloody Poop.... Astrid's Adventures

    So Astrid is not having a good day.She's acting normal thankfully, but her poop is grass green and filled with blood. It was so bad that the cat that hates bum wipes, came and meowed at me to wipe her butt because she had poo and blood everywhere... So off to the vet we go today (in an hour)...
  6. Toots182

    I need advice on kitties stools/diet. Possible colitis.

    Hi everyone. Please, any advice or own accounts would be appreciated. I have a 5 year old Sphynx who's stools were a little on the runny side with mucus and what looked like fresh blood. His eating is normal and he is a good weight. If a little on the lighter side. He's never been a fat cat. I...
  7. newsphynxmommy

    O found dried blood on my cats back paws

    so tonight I was cuddling my cat and I felt something odd when I was touching her feet. It was black so I thought she had stepped in poop and it dried up. Nope it was blood because she was crying and when I scraped it away it started to bleed. I have a feeling she may have burned her feet when...
  8. TanyaMeaw

    I am very scared, Please HELP!!!

    I haven't been here in quite a while... And I'm sorry that I haven't been contributing to this wonderful community, i feel awful... I really need your help, advise, suggestions, anything! I think my cat might die... If you have a minute, please read my story, sorry its kinda long... My Nacho...
  9. emilie

    Blood in kitten stool

    Hi everyone, I picked up a new 12 week old sphynx kitten on Saturday 15th November (last week) and he has justdone a very runny stool with blood and possibly mucus in. He seems to be fine otherwise fine, playful and he's eating and drinking normally. Does anyone know what this could be? Please...