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coconut oil

  1. Good Juju

    Ear mites, ear infection, or normal?

    Hi everyone! My little 8 month girl has had itchy ears with wax going all over the place as she scratches her ears with her nails. Sometimes she causes red marks to her face, and most of the time, she has wax on and around her ears and neck. I clean them every few days or once a week. I used to...
  2. Monica

    Skin Irritation... ahhh

    Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Kenzo & Minka are as in love as ever, and are the best of friends! Unfortunately, I noticed a rather angry looking rash/irritation on Minka’s neck this morning. Both my nakeds wear breakaway collars l. I usually wipe down their neck area every...
  3. Melishia

    First bath for adopted adult sphynx?

    Hi there, my name’s Mel! Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place (says every person making their first post)! Here’s a little background on my new little man. 2 nights ago I came across the cutest little sphynx at the SPCA and I absolutely had to take him home. They said his name was...
  4. L

    Is this normal after bath time?

    Hey! So today was our first bath together! The breeder told us Luna did like baths so I was a bit nervous. It was a 2 man job simply because mom and I felt more comfortable that way. She complained in the beginning and then settled down and lets us give her a nice bath and clean her ears...
  5. Notorious

    Question on skin? Other than coconut oil.

    Hey there, I've been lurking for some time after just recently acquiring two sphynx. One in particular seem's to have really bad skin, just on his back - it's dry, peels sometimes, and darker than his normal coloring I've taken him to three vets and all have just told me to put coconut oil on...
  6. AndreaM

    Feeding Coconut Oil as supplement

    I know many use coconut oil for bath time, but I actually use it as a dietary supplement (and as a treat after they let me clean their teeth)! They LOVE it. One even sits on my bed and waits when he knows it's time for his teeth to be cleaned...because then it's coconut oil time! I'm very...