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  1. M

    Is this asthma or was he chocking on something?

    Hi, My sphynx is now 8 months old and today my husband and I caught this on camera. It started out of nowhere and ended shortly after he jumped off the box. Has anyone seen this before? Is it asthma? Was he coughing? And why was his mouth bubbling? I would say he ate 2 hours prior, so it...
  2. mochiandchewy

    Sphynx cat coughing and retching occassionally

    Mochi occassionally does this cough but seems okay otherwise. We've taken him to the vet before about it and they've done an xray and ultrasound and didnt find anything. The doctor said it could be seasonal and possibly allergies or feline asthma. He gave us antibiotics for a cold and sent us...
  3. SophiePixie

    Persistent cough

    Hi! I thought I’d try my luck on here before potentially going down the specialist route and spending thousands of £s, as I know there are some really knowledgable sphynx owners on here who may have some answers. Albus is 4 years old and has had a persistent cough for maybe 1.5-2 years. As a...
  4. binkysmom


    Hi! I’m very new to this forum, but I’ve been to so many vets and no one can really help me with a cause/remedy for my boy’s coughing. He has HCM, and has been having reverse sneezing fits since I got him when he was a young kitten a year ago. They used to be every other week, then progressed to...
  5. Eliz Eleven

    Coughing - hacking

    Hi everyone- so we have had a rough few months. We brought home Lola- she was sicker than the breeder let on- Eye Infection. URI, Giardia - but we got her healthy and thriving. On the other hand, poor Eleven has had to deal with all the similar issues. We had to put her on a strong triple...
  6. sugarmeat3500

    A Different Tail! Congestion,Sneezing,Mucus...and It's Not Herpes

    Hi SphynxLair Family! My name is Nikki & I have a confession...I have been lurking for 6 years...Yes, head hung low...6 years & this is my first post. I even lost my beloved 5 1/2 year old Sphynx Heru October 19, 2016 to Heart Failure and I still didnt reach out:cry:. Well...today is...
  7. Krameroni

    15 week old kitten coughing - HELP!

    Hi all, A few months ago I went through the loss of my kitten Benni when she was found to have contracted wet FIP. Now a few months later down the road I have a spunky new kitten, Kramer, who has 10x the energy my last kitten ever had. I noticed the first day after picking up my new kitten...
  8. Jrs4

    Best wet kitten food

    I have a 14 week old that we've had for about a week. The breeder was feeding Wild Calling wet food. She has been coughing fairly often like an athsmatic cough so I took her to the vet, she has xrayed and done a stool sample and feels maybe her throat was scratched durning her spay procedure...
  9. guest

    Sphynx wheezing cough

    Occasionally my 8 year old male Sphynx will have cough attacks where he will stretch his neck out and start wheezing. I took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with him. They even did x-rays. Does anybody else's Sphynx do this and do you know why??
  10. vengasejanis

    New Sphynx mommy with concerns

    Hello everyone! As you've read in the title, I am a new sphynx mom. I adopted little Janis on Sunday, June 12th (she's about 4.5 mos old). I had a couple questions and I'm hoping someone can lend some insight. Janis was diagnosed with pneumonia before I adopted her (she was about 3.5 mos old)...
  11. Clarks Mama

    Clark the cats crazy story

    I joined this community for help! Everyone here is so loving and kind that I decided to share my story in the hopes that it will help someone else. This is Mr. Clark's story. we did a lot of research and finally purchased our baby from a reputable breeder. the breeder sent us lots of pictures of...
  12. O

    HELP! Kitty won't stop coughing/sneezing. Fungus on feet?

    I got my kitty last Feb and have issues with Fungus like substance on her feet and tail, I have been putting meds for ringworm on it, it is almost gone but has now been 9 months of fighting this to go away. She also has a horrible cough/sneezing. I have taken her to the vet, when she gets on...
  13. MaisyMom

    6 month old Sphynx Coughing

    Hi, My kitten is coughing and I am not sure what to do. She sounds like she is trying to get up a hair ball but since they are hairless its odd. She doesnt do it all of the time, just about once a day. I heard her cough several times after eating/drinking late last night. Any ideas what...
  14. BynxTheSphynx

    Coughing or Wheezing?

    Bynx has always coughed or wheezed, at least even since I can remember. I'm actually not sure what to call it? He extends his neck and makes this god awful noise. I have tried to watch videos of cat's coughing or wheezing but none of them sound the same. I am just worried it could be HCM. I have...