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  1. binkysmom


    Hi! I’m very new to this forum, but I’ve been to so many vets and no one can really help me with a cause/remedy for my boy’s coughing. He has HCM, and has been having reverse sneezing fits since I got him when he was a young kitten a year ago. They used to be every other week, then progressed to...
  2. Eliz Eleven

    Coughing - hacking

    Hi everyone- so we have had a rough few months. We brought home Lola- she was sicker than the breeder let on- Eye Infection. URI, Giardia - but we got her healthy and thriving. On the other hand, poor Eleven has had to deal with all the similar issues. We had to put her on a strong triple...
  3. sugarmeat3500

    A Different Tail! Congestion,Sneezing,Mucus...and It's Not Herpes

    Hi SphynxLair Family! My name is Nikki & I have a confession...I have been lurking for 6 years...Yes, head hung low...6 years & this is my first post. I even lost my beloved 5 1/2 year old Sphynx Heru October 19, 2016 to Heart Failure and I still didnt reach out:cry:. Well...today is...
  4. Krameroni

    15 week old kitten coughing - HELP!

    Hi all, A few months ago I went through the loss of my kitten Benni when she was found to have contracted wet FIP. Now a few months later down the road I have a spunky new kitten, Kramer, who has 10x the energy my last kitten ever had. I noticed the first day after picking up my new kitten...
  5. Jrs4

    Best wet kitten food

    I have a 14 week old that we've had for about a week. The breeder was feeding Wild Calling wet food. She has been coughing fairly often like an athsmatic cough so I took her to the vet, she has xrayed and done a stool sample and feels maybe her throat was scratched durning her spay procedure...
  6. guest

    Sphynx wheezing cough

    Occasionally my 8 year old male Sphynx will have cough attacks where he will stretch his neck out and start wheezing. I took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with him. They even did x-rays. Does anybody else's Sphynx do this and do you know why??
  7. vengasejanis

    New Sphynx mommy with concerns

    Hello everyone! As you've read in the title, I am a new sphynx mom. I adopted little Janis on Sunday, June 12th (she's about 4.5 mos old). I had a couple questions and I'm hoping someone can lend some insight. Janis was diagnosed with pneumonia before I adopted her (she was about 3.5 mos old)...
  8. Clarks Mama

    Clark the cats crazy story

    I joined this community for help! Everyone here is so loving and kind that I decided to share my story in the hopes that it will help someone else. This is Mr. Clark's story. we did a lot of research and finally purchased our baby from a reputable breeder. the breeder sent us lots of pictures of...
  9. O

    HELP! Kitty won't stop coughing/sneezing. Fungus on feet?

    I got my kitty last Feb and have issues with Fungus like substance on her feet and tail, I have been putting meds for ringworm on it, it is almost gone but has now been 9 months of fighting this to go away. She also has a horrible cough/sneezing. I have taken her to the vet, when she gets on...
  10. MaisyMom

    6 month old Sphynx Coughing

    Hi, My kitten is coughing and I am not sure what to do. She sounds like she is trying to get up a hair ball but since they are hairless its odd. She doesnt do it all of the time, just about once a day. I heard her cough several times after eating/drinking late last night. Any ideas what...
  11. BynxTheSphynx

    Coughing or Wheezing?

    Bynx has always coughed or wheezed, at least even since I can remember. I'm actually not sure what to call it? He extends his neck and makes this god awful noise. I have tried to watch videos of cat's coughing or wheezing but none of them sound the same. I am just worried it could be HCM. I have...