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dental care

  1. Toots182

    Please help

    Hi there everyone, I'm really new to this but I have a bit of a question about my 4 year old baby Danzig. About a week ago he was heaving and was sick, only thing that came up was some food he had eaten. I would assume if this was a normal cat the heaving would be because of a hairball? But...
  2. malvina05

    7 mo with tartar on teeth?

    Hi all, So my 7 month old kitten got all his adult teeth in. They were nice and pearly white just a month ago, as I remember. I feed him Blue Wilderness kitten dry and 1 can of wet every 2 days. I also buy him high quality treats from whole foods, trader joes, or a pet store (grain-free)...
  3. MollysMom

    Reviews or Experience with "Plaque Off"?

    I ordered some of the plaque off today to try for Leo... The web site to explain it is: http://www.plaqueoff.com He has yellow gunk on his teeth in the back, and his little rodent ulcers are starting to come back on his top lip. The vet was worried that it may eventually show up as...