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  1. Gesundheit

    Anxiety, depression, and education

    I used to be super active in several online forums; particularly the Sphynxlair and Librarything. I'm easing back in here, and stumbling like hell trying to settle back on LT. I still automatically type that URL every other day when I forget which site I wanted to go to (the struggle of a...
  2. MajikkuMachida

    Need advice. Kitty losing weight!

    Hello to all you beautiful sphynx cat lovers! Any advice will be useful. I have been reading past threads and have tried the glop and pumpkin in my kitty's diet. A little history and straight to the point; I have a 11 month kitten named Machida who has recently lost a lot of weight. The...
  3. QueenHairless

    Please help. Sphynx howling and aggressiveness!

    Hello! I'm very worried about my kitty. He is a little over a year old, and I've had him for almost a year. Recently he's started whining/howling. He whines and whines and whines, and whenever I try to comfort him he gets shy (which isn't like him AT all). He doesn't like being picked up...
  4. Gesundheit

    Wil Wheaton on Mental Health

    I saw this a while back, and I've been waiting for one of the blogging sites I'm on to fix its youtube connection. Since that's still pending, I've realized that this video could be of use to others, as well.