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dirty cat

  1. Jennilouwho

    Bath time problems

    Hi guys! My little Bambino Kiwi HATES bath time! Last time he bit me so hard I bled for 2 days. I’ve tried getting in with him, toys in the tub and giving treats. Any suggestions? He’s a dirty gross boy
  2. Gray

    Help with some brown spots/soap recommendations

    Hello everyone, My Marcline has these small brown spots that I know are dirt spots, but I cant seem to get rid of them. We have tried all sorts of tricks online and even gently scrubbing with a glove loofa (so i can make sure Im not pressing too hard) and they just never go away. I have...
  3. Gemmakitty

    Black paws!

    So I give my sphynx, Gemma, a bath every other week. However, her paws always seem to have dirt around them whether I scrub them or just lather. Baby wipes don't help and I would love to know any advice you could give me. Thank you!
  4. BeethovenAndMe

    Dirty boy

    My boy, Beethoven, is about 6 months old. I bathe him at least once a week, maximum every three days, but he always looks dirty. He has brown spots everywhere, and the fur between his eyes and above his nose is an icky brown/green colour. I use a Burts Bees shampoo for kittens and I put olive...
  5. vengasejanis

    Cleaning a dirty sphynx nose

    I've noticed that little Janis's nose has started to turn a dark brown color. I thought that her nose was just changing color, until I gave her a bath one day and the brown came off to reveal a little pink nose! I think I kept rubbing her nose with my hand and water that time I gave her a bath...
  6. Tale Grude

    Dirty Kitty. Recommended cleaning wipes?

    Hi! Kisa gets dirty so fast it is insane... I'm guessing it's the dust from the cat litter. But I still don't get how she gets that much dust on her, cause it's not like she lays down belly-first in the cat litter while using it, he he. I do use babywipes everyday to try to clean her a bit...