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elf sphynx

  1. oolahappi

    Baby Blue Elf

    Introducing 13 week old Iggy! Luckily, resident cat Oolie quickly accepted him. She follows him around and licks his butt with some intermittent hissing and growling.
  2. oolahappi

    Oops, I did it again...

    I'm getting my Sphynx girl a little boyfriend! He's technically an ELF, but still naked, so hopefully he will be accepted by the Sphynx community! Gotcha date not until mid-July, so plenty of time to think up a fitting name. If anyone here has an ELF, say Hi!
  3. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo decided he wanted to try out elf life this morning.
  4. Mariah Joubert

    Need a fun name for my new baby

    She's 5 weeks now. so it will a while before i get her but i want a really fun an unique name for her!
  5. newsphynxmommy

    HELP! My Kitty is Always Sick!!!

    My poor baby ALWAYS seems to be sick and I can't tell if I am being paranoid or she really does get sick. My breeder was very reputable and I had her checked when I got home. A week later I brought her to the vet since she had weepy eyes and was sneezing a lot. They treated her for an ear...
  6. D

    Elfie died - in loving memory

    Hi all, my little Elf Sphynx, Elfie passed away this morning. A food pellet got stuck in his throat - vet called it a freak accident. He breathed in the pellet while eating. He was only 1 year 9 months old. I am crying non stop. He as such a kind little soul, friendly playful and crazy about me...
  7. AshJoJo

    Reputable breeders in Florida

    Hi everyone! I posted on here a few days ago about looking for reputable Elf Sphynx breeders. I would like to expand my search to the state of Florida as I plan on taking a trip there in November. If someone knows of a reputable breeder in Florida would you please PM me?! Thanks a million, Ash
  8. AshJoJo

    In search of an elf

    Hi everyone, I am new here and not sure if this an acceptable or appropriate question, if not I am so sorry. My husband and I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have our beautiful angel Laila put to sleep. She was diagnosed with wet FIP and it was only a matter of days before it took...