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eye infection

  1. LisaBrass

    Eye issues after ear treatment..

    Hello y’all, hoping someone might have some insight that’ll calm this Mama’s heart. I recently took my boy, Zion (3yo), into a somewhat new vet for what I thought might be allergies.. he had a watery left eye that wasn’t getting better like it usually would. Vet checked/tested ears and ended up...
  2. MisBlinkyPopeye

    Corneal Ulcer? Help!

    My 4 month old Sphynx, Nala, who I’ve had for 2 weeks started to develop a cloudiness over her eye with a translucent dot in the center of her cornea. It didn’t seem to bother her until the other night I found her bleeding f her left eye. I thought it could be a scratch. I got the bleeding to...
  3. kirasmom

    Eye infection? Need advice!

    What used to be the occasional eye booger seems to have increased for our girl recently. I am now cleaning out discharge from her eyes at least twice a day... and initially I thought maybe just allergies were getting to her, but the discharge has gotten less "black" as it dries (which I think is...
  4. Kink

    Eye infection

    My baby has a swollen eye and infection. We took her to the vet yesterday and it was so swollen the vet couldn't see in the eye to see what was causing the symptoms so we have to go back tomorrow after we give her some antibiotics and steriods to get rid of the swelling. Has anyone had a similar...
  5. Essiemysphynx

    Love my sphynx!

    Hi everyone! Love looking at everyone's babies. My girl is the best. She is my first Sphynx and won't be the last if something ever happens to her (never want this to happen). Her name is Esmeralda we call her Essie for short. Recently she had a scratch on her eye. We got meds for it and it...
  6. Moezesucks

    entropian eyelid

    i have come to believe this has is happening to my kitten sphynx, the doc says she has so much skin its just causing her eyelids to turn in. he mentioned the can grow into their skin and that can be resolved. but i mean shes obviously had it awhile now. surgery was suggested to either: A. lazer...
  7. kristininn

    Eyebright and Susi are AMAZING!!!

    Susi - I have to thank you again. You are a guardian angel to Sphynx and Sphynx owners! As many of you know, Winston has been having a hard time with a very runny eye due to a malformed tear duct, allergies, and irritation from our radiators/dry heat. I finally tried the eyebright wash and it...