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  1. Gesundheit

    Household “arguments”

    My husband just stepped away from his desk ask I was stepping away from mine, so I asked him if he wanted a drink, as I was going to pour one for myself. He said, “Sure. I’ll have a glass of some liquid of whatever size,” to which I demanded, “Why are you so frkn picky?” My favorite when we...
  2. Gesundheit

    Anxiety, depression, and education

    I used to be super active in several online forums; particularly the Sphynxlair and Librarything. I'm easing back in here, and stumbling like hell trying to settle back on LT. I still automatically type that URL every other day when I forget which site I wanted to go to (the struggle of a...
  3. Hillary

    Two better than one?

    Hey guys! I have recently been going back and forth on the idea of getting Norman a girlfriend from the same breeder I got him from last February. It's been only him, my boyfriend and I for the past year so we are really his only source of entertainment 99 percent of the time. I can tell he...
  4. annaesmee

    What to do over Christmas?

    Morning! My husband and I are picking up our *first* Sphynx kitten at the beginning of December. She'll be 13 weeks when we get her. I've been reading up on here and in a couple of books about what to expect and prepare for, but haven't come across what to do when going away for a couple of...
  5. GMPLAX23

    new sneezing

    Hi guys, I am leaning on my Sphynx Family for help! Last night, Tut began sneezing. Its way too much for my liking but i don't know if i am just a concerned momma. I made sure to check and his eyes are clear and his nose dry. I'm hoping by the time I get home from work, he will not be sneezing...
  6. BusterTheCat

    A Search for Litter-Mates

    Hi Sphynx Lair! I've always wanted to find Buster's siblings through social media but have never had any luck. I was wondering if anyone got their sphynx from a breeder in Westchester, NY (I know we're not supposed to name breeders on here) :) If you did, send me a PM! Also, feel free to post...
  7. Amy31

    Family tree

    me again! I was with a client and she researched sphynx cats, what should she stumble upon but my baby's dad up for stud! Ironically he only lives round the corner from my work! So I checked him out, in the add it says he is gccf registered and has imports in his bloodline, what does imports in...
  8. Paxx & His Baby Brother

    Paxx & His Baby Brother