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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Wet food question

    Evening fam. Just a quick question, how much of wet food do you give to a young sphynx cat (8 months say). I've always thought it's equal to a dry food portion. For instance, I give 30-40 gr of dry food per meal, but if I give the same amount of wet (canned) food, Osi seems still famished and...
  2. maxwellb

    Is my baby still hungry? Help!

    Hello all! I feed my 8 month old sphynx kitty Igor (7.5/8lbs currently)a raw diet. He eats Primal Freeze Dried Rabbit Formula 4 times a day. He currently eats at 6:30am/7am with 3 nuggets, 12pm with 2 nuggets, 6pm with 2 nuggets, and 9pm/10pm with 3 nuggets. Igor is still constantly meowing...
  3. M

    Feeding and weight questions

    Hi all! I have sort of a lot of questions, but please bare with me. I’m still learning a lot about my little girl everyday! 1. In the attactched picture, is Mavis this morning right after feeding. She is on the Nature’s Variety Instict Raw cat food, and I feed her a little more than what’s...
  4. annaleemv

    Supplements for Cats Over Age 10

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, What supplements do you feed your cats? Currently, I am working on a slow transition to raw food. She is not on raw food yet. Right now, she is eating kibble and wet food in separate bowls. I'm hoping to eliminate the kibble altogether and eventually transition the wet into...
  5. annaleemv

    Cat Food: Canned vs. Pouch

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, I have finally been able to switch my baby from kibble to wet food, woohoo! However, I've been wondering what is the long term consequences of feeding her food that comes in an aluminum can. I was debating on switching to pouches, but I'm not sure of the long term effects...
  6. Tzaphkiel

    4m m kitten eating super fast : normal food quantities ?

    Hello everyone, my Natsu is doing fantastically well, cheeky bugger playing with the dogs like there is no tomorrow. He eats his meals, ... well gobbles them up (chicken, minced meat, beaf liver ...) actually and I'm wondering what normal quantities for the age are for this breed. Currently...
  7. Tzaphkiel

    Multiple cats (not sphynx)+1 new sphynx dry food regiment

    Hello everyone, Lovely photos all over the site!!! I'm so very eager to get my Natsu tomorrow ! As you see, I'm getting a new kitten Sphynx (male) of 4 months old tomorrow midday. As we have dogs and other cats (not sphynx), it is neither easy nor practical to free feed the newcomer. I was...
  8. Violet1012

    should I be giving my cats supplements?

    I feed my cats all organic raw meat I freeze it for three days before I dethaw and give it to them because I heard that that kills any bacteria that could be on it. I don't give them supplements because I didn't feel like I need to they don't get supplements in the wild and I was trying to mimic...
  9. Shontae

    Feeding questions!

    Hi everyone! I finally got my baby! I have some new questions about feeding. Has anyone used Costco brand cat food? My kitten came already eating it, but I had another high quality brand I wanted to get. I also read that it's good to keep dry kibble out all day, but this baby eats a TON. The vet...
  10. Y

    Raw food and vitamins?

    hi, i'm new to Sphynxlair. I have a 6 month old Donskoy that I am going to start feeding raw. Ground beef and chicken with turkey necks. Can I just give him a daily multi vitamin to make sure he is getting all his nutrients? It all seems so confusing!
  11. GenevaS

    My baby boy is so skinny!

    Hi there! My boyfriend and I recently adopted brother and sister spyhnx babies that were born on March 7th. The little girl, Matcha, has really been growing and looks as healthy as can be at 4.5 pounds! She is extremely energetic and eats very well from what I have monitored. Our boy, Mochi, on...
  12. ldlewis45

    Question for those of you with an older cat and a kitten.

    Gotcha-Day for my baby isn't until the end of July, but I'm trying to prepare now. I've got an older cat (8ish, not sure because he was an adult when I adopted him), so I'm trying to figure out how the feeding situation is going to work. Right now, he gets a scoop of dry food when I go to bed...
  13. Benben

    I'm Melody and my sidekick is named Ben

    Hello, My name is melody. Ben is a black Sphynx. He is my second hairless cat. First was a white Devon rex. When I lost my first it really tore me apart. I have always loved my pets. But never as much as Desi. I waited and three years later I bought Ben Ben. He is the light of my life. The...
  14. Xandria

    Does Anyone Feed Bone-in Raw?

    After raiding this great forum for information I've ventured out there (*points to that nebulous space call the interwebs*) and read as much about raw diets for cats as my brain could handle. I'm presently of two minds: 1. Ground Raw w/ Chunks This seems simple enough. Use the ratio, pick...
  15. Ollie

    Quantity of raw food

    Hi! I know I asked a similar question before but how much raw food should an almost 6 month old kitten be eating? While I love the fact this raw diet has completely solved any of Oliver's digestive issues, I find him frequently hungry ( or at least he is pretending to be!). I am feeding primal...
  16. pussiette

    Sphynx with Skin Conditions - What are you feeding?

    :oops:*This thread is for sphynx that have a skin conditon/allergy/irritable bowel syndrome only*:p Hi I know this has been asked a bit in all different threads but I think it would be helpful in a dedicated thread so nothing is lost and you don't have to jump around to other threads to get the...