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  1. Tinynudists2

    Nudel & Tofu

    Hello all you wonderful humans ♥️ I just wanted to do a quick drop by and introduce my self and my nude children. My name is Seleena, my self, my fiancé and kitty family live in the Bay Area - CA And are so excited to be a part of the Sphynx community.. Let’s cut to the real reason y’all...
  2. Gesundheit

    Household “arguments”

    My husband just stepped away from his desk ask I was stepping away from mine, so I asked him if he wanted a drink, as I was going to pour one for myself. He said, “Sure. I’ll have a glass of some liquid of whatever size,” to which I demanded, “Why are you so frkn picky?” My favorite when we...
  3. Gesundheit

    Anxiety, depression, and education

    I used to be super active in several online forums; particularly the Sphynxlair and Librarything. I'm easing back in here, and stumbling like hell trying to settle back on LT. I still automatically type that URL every other day when I forget which site I wanted to go to (the struggle of a...
  4. Monica

    Seeking IG Friends!

    (Hopefully this is allowed :whistle:) Hola Lairians. I've realized I cannot keep the camera out of my Kenzo's face! I'm thoroughly obsessed, so I started him an IG page a few days ago to share all his adventures and photo-ops. I often upload photos here at the Lair, but I don't want to flood...
  5. Maddie

    The Zoo... Astrid and Chappie Adventures

    So, when I'm home from school, I sleep with the family dog and Astrid lol he was here first so it wasn't fair to change his routine when I got Astrid. Thankfully, while on the bed they get along lol outside the room Chappie tries to "play" by chasing and trying to flip her over. But had to...
  6. ashleyhope7

    Any advice for introducing a sphynx kitten into my 1 sphynx household?

    Hi all! I have a one, almost one and a half year old Sphynx named Choni. He is my BAAAAABY! We traveled together to Texas for the summer to stay with my parents and I had planned to keep him set up upstairs in my room at all times because they have three furry cats and two dogs and I was...
  7. Elaina

    Do all sphynx sexes get along?

    hi all, been some time since I've posted here all has gone swimmingly with Gabbi! Picture below for anyone interested. My partner and I have just bought a house so we are eager to get our next Sphynx to keep our little girl happy. (Who doesn't love a playmate? ;)) Gabbi is a year old. My...
  8. ivana


    ANY GOOD VETS IN LOS ANGELES, CA?! I NEED A SECOND OPINION HELPPP!!!! Went yesterday to take Lotus to the vet, and had a very unpleasant experience. The doctor checked his heart and said that he had a heart mur mur... a heart mur mur?! We were shocked. Lotus is turning 1 at the end of the month...