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  1. Monica

    Purrfect Thermostat Temp?

    I'm curious as to the temperatures y'all keep your houses at for your kitties! We keep our house at 72-73 during the day, and 68 at night. Kenzo wears sweaters about 1/2 the time, but even naked, he doesn't seek out blankets very often. At night he does sleep under the covers. The colder night...
  2. Axhlxxgh

    New sphynx mumma ❤️

    Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally picking up my new son Thursday and I'm so excited has anyone got any advice for me? Also I need help choosing a name! Can't wait to get my little fuzzy tail ❤️
  3. admin

    My sphynx cat is hairy and fuzzy! Why?

    Sphynx tend to get the "fuzzies" in the winter months no matter if your climate is cold or warm. Also, not being spayed or neutered can cause hormone changes like growing hair or fuzz at different times in the year. There is never a guarantee of hairlessness in the sphynx breed, they can become...