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  1. marlon


    Looking to rehome 2 healthy GORGEOUS BOYS one litter apart from the same mother. Xo, a 2 yr Chocolate Tabby LilBro, a 9 mo Bluepoint I feel there may be a better home elsewhere that can serve my baby boys better than I can at the moment. My work takes me in and out of town sporadically and I'd...
  2. annaleemv

    Supplements for Cats Over Age 10

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, What supplements do you feed your cats? Currently, I am working on a slow transition to raw food. She is not on raw food yet. Right now, she is eating kibble and wet food in separate bowls. I'm hoping to eliminate the kibble altogether and eventually transition the wet into...
  3. Daphne

    Update on Zim

    Hi everyone! So a little bit ago I posted talking about my new little Zim's stomach issues. Since then, we figured out he had a bit of giardia (thanks to a post I found on here, not the vet.) Also, a couple members noticed that zim was a little underweight. We got him at 4 months old, and he was...
  4. Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    I have made my research and Avocado itself is not toxic, and I am only giving him a little piece once in a while (like one a month), He was so happy with that new food! Priceless! http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/avocado/
  5. Chilly Willy

    16 week old Sphynx kitten questions! Please help!

    Hello all! I am a new owner of a beautiful naked baby boy. He came from Louisiana. IT was love at first sight! I have some real concerns that could be life changing for my Chilly Willy. I was told his eye was scratched out by a litter mate, so he only has one eye. He also has a congenital leg...
  6. HybridSphynx

    Sphynx Food - recommendations

    I know alot of you sphynx parents like ot avoid the grain included foods and i recently found out why lol. I was going to switch over to Taste of the wild for felines but the store I went to only had The fish and salmon kind of Taste of wild for felines. I'm not sure if she is but i was told...