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  1. C

    HCM Clinics

    Hello, Hope all is well ❤️ Anyone in the Northeast area know of any HCM clinics available anytime soon? The clinic I usually attend was held in July and I missed it due to covid. For those who don’t know, these clinics screen for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) by board certified veterinary...
  2. V

    Enlarged Heart (cardiomegaly) can’t stop crying

    So I just got my bambino Vinny on oct 18.. he was born July 1. Since the day I got him I noticed wheezing and so today when I took him to the vet, they did chest x-Ray and found he has an abnormal enlarged heart.. I have attached the photo of the radiology report.. I am devastated I can’t stop...
  3. Marvins Mom

    Marvin Had Another Fainting Spell - but this time ...

    Hi everyone. I’d like to share my recent health experience and the conclusion with fellow Sphynx owners. I hope I can help others if they run into a similar situation. I am Marvin's mom - well - I am not really Marvin's mom - he belongs to my daughter - but he lives with me on and off as...
  4. HappyLilSphynx

    Sphynx HCM registry

    At one point, I read something about an HCM registry for sphynx kitties. Does anyone know if this exists (and, if so, how to register a kitty?)
  5. HappyLilSphynx

    NE Florida/SE Georgia Vet

    After dealing with a disaster of a vet for my first cat, I knew I needed a different vet for both my hairball and my sphynx. On a recommendation, I brought them to a vet in Jacksonville - where I was told that my sphynx had a raging heart murmur and would need to see a cardiologist (she hadn't...
  6. HappyLilSphynx

    HCM along with SAM

    My little one was recently diagnosed with HCM and SAM (originally I was given a diagnosis of aortic stenosis, and found out that SAM is often mistaken by AS). Since the breeder I went to has never (20+ years) had this before, we were both surprised - but now a second cat with the same father is...
  7. Elaina

    Poorly kitten.

    Hi all, I'm really sad. Poor Gabbi is only 6 months and has a series of issues. I actually think she had her cat flu symptoms from when we viewed and brought her home. She only sneezed once upon viewing so I assumed that is was nothing to worry about. I did view her on two occasions and she did...
  8. morganjeanne33

    my 5 month old boy has a heart murmur.. any insight?

    I just went to the vet to get my new 5 month old boy checked out (my first sphynx) ... vet found a heart murmur and recommends that i see a cardiologist. I set up an appointment for next week but i'm still very concerned and anxious and would like to see if anyone has had any similar situations...
  9. HappyLilSphynx

    Heart issue (Not HCM, but similar in some ways)

    I was adopted by my sphynx about a year and a half ago; before deciding on a cattery, I had waited for a sphynx to become available at a shelter (never happened) and had done research about HCM and other things specific to the breed. My breeder's cats all come with a health guarantee against...
  10. Shaneice

    Rapid heart beat

    She's 13 weeks old & her heart seem to beat very very fast, even when she is sleeping? Should I be concerned?