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Marvin Had Another Fainting Spell - but this time ...

Marvins Mom

Sep 29, 2017
Hi everyone. I’d like to share my recent health experience and the conclusion with fellow Sphynx owners. I hope I can help others if they run into a similar situation.

I am Marvin's mom - well - I am not really Marvin's mom - he belongs to my daughter - but he lives with me on and off as my daughter was in school and traveling quite a bit over the past couple of years. I have grown very close to Marvin and feel like I am indeed his mom.

marvin and beer.jpg
marvin sept 2018.jpg

Last year – almost exactly a year ago – I posted – asking for health advice for our 2 year old male Sphynx Marvin. He had collapsed twice – 2 weeks apart. My original post was from Oct 2017 and titled: Advice: Collpase/Fainting Spells - Odd Leg Behaviour - Panting

When Marvin collapsed / fainted, he cried in pain, passed out, pooped and then came-to within a minute but was in distress and panting. He felt cold. Each time I wrapped him in a blanket, cuddled him to keep him warm and rushed him to the vet. By the time we saw the vet, he was back to normal. Each episode lasted less than 30 minutes. The vet could find nothing wrong with him. No heart irregularities. She suggested we visit a cardiologist. The appointment was set but it was 5 weeks away. (earliest available). During those 5 weeks, we had no episodes. The cardiologist had suggested the billing would start at $800 for the visit and basic testing and could run into much more before he could diagnose the condition. Marvin showed no further symptoms and we were not convinced it was his heart. We were thinking epilepsy perhaps but we really had no idea. My daughter is a recent university grad and couldn’t afford to spend potentially thousands of dollars on cardiologist appointments and testing - and so she cancelled the appointment.

A whole year went by with no health issues. Marvin was healthy and playful.

Until a few nights ago.

It was a normal evening. All of a sudden my daughter noticed Marvin was acting odd. He started to meow a very odd low sounding meow and he was swaying back and forth. He then collapsed (she caught him), he pooped, and then started to pant. Almost exactly the same as the other 2 episodes. But this time he continued to cry in pain. Not howling, but meowing. My daughter rushed him to a 24-hour vet in downtown Toronto. This time, the episode didn’t subside. Marvin continued to meow, pant and he was very cold. He couldn’t move – except his head. The vet said his condition was very grave and that he had heart arrhythmia – irregular heart beat. They put him on oxygen and gave him a few shots to try to regulate his heartbeat. His body temperature was cold because his heart wasn’t working properly. He was panting because he couldn’t get air. Eventually the vet suggested Marvin was not going to make it and to be prepared.

Well – the next hour was a blurr to my daughter– but she ended up putting Marvin down.

We are all heart broken. She has been a mess since that evening and sill is crying – feeling guilty for not taking him to see the cardiologist. Wishing she could have done more for him.

I do hope if anyone has a Sphynx with similar health symptoms they will consider heart arrhythmia as the source, and see if their vet can provide medication to regulate their cat’s heart beat. We really don’t know anything about arrhythmia. Our other vet had never detected it.

Also I highly suggest PET HEALTH INSURANCE for Sphynx owners. Purchase it before you have health issues – we wish we had!

Marvin only lived to the age of 4. He was so unique and affectionate. He loved and was loved so much in his short life. We all know we will one day have to say ‘good bye / see you on the other side’ to our pets – so cherish every hour with your little naked pets – and give them a special hug in memory of our little Marvin.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Marvins Mom , oh sweetie I am so so sorry Handsome Marvin got his angel wings .
Heartbreaking .:(
Thank you for the courage and strength to share Marvin's journey along with his special pictures .
He has touched our hearts amd taught all of us.

My girl Yoda had those exact symptoms - several episodes spaced apart over a year .
she got her angel wings at age 2.. diagnosed as saddle thrombosis embolisms as a result of her bad heart . There was no cure . No amount of money or specialist would have bought us more time or cured .
Please please tell your daughter that Marvin only knew your love .
Fly free and high sweet Marvin . You touched hearts forever

Sending you and your daughter (((comforting hugs)))) so so sorry for your loss .

Fly free and high sweet Marvin

I will give that hug to my mine in honor of Marvin

"Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever. "
- from poem for cats


Gold Lairian
Notable Member
Dec 19, 2010
I am very sorry for the loss of Marvin. Cardiac issues in sphynx are so unfair for everyone involved including the cats. You all made a brave choice for him.
Thanks for the encouragement to look into pet insurance. I was just looking into it this past week and now after a very expensive dental I am going to sign Wolf up this next month.

Toa and Ross

Staff member
Jan 23, 2015
So very sorry for the loss of your Marvin. Marvin knew nothing but your and your daughters love and that's all that counts.
Thanks for sharing your story here so others are aware.

Hugs for you