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  1. andraco

    HELP - Pet Insurance

    Hello everyone. My name is Andra, and my cat's name is Dobby. Dobby and I just moved from South Korea to upstate New York State. We are new to the USA. He is 1.5 years old, healthy, neutered, up-to-date with all shots, and weighs around 8 lbs. I have had him since he was a baby. I would like to...
  2. Natka58

    Insurance question

    Do you have insurance for your cat? if so what kind? I had insurance for our dog and nothing she had was covered. So bot sure it’s worth it for the cat.
  3. Marvins Mom

    Marvin Had Another Fainting Spell - but this time ...

    Hi everyone. I’d like to share my recent health experience and the conclusion with fellow Sphynx owners. I hope I can help others if they run into a similar situation. I am Marvin's mom - well - I am not really Marvin's mom - he belongs to my daughter - but he lives with me on and off as...
  4. S

    I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet on insurance

    Hi everyone. I’m at a loss- I got my baby, Frank, back in December. I kept thinking I would sign up for insurance but I kept putting it off, mostly because all the options were so overwhelming and I don’t have insurance for my other pets. Anyways, since I’ve had him, he’s been treated once for...
  5. zmoore

    Is pet insurance worth it?

    I'm going to pick up my new Sphynx kitten tonight and I've been thinking about whether or not I should get insurance. He had an eye ulcer and had to have his eye removed and he's all clear now, but I don't know if that will be considered a preexisting condition and make pet insurance absurdly...
  6. GMPLAX23

    Pet insurance- do you have it?

    I don't know if I really need kitten insurance but I wanted to ask the pros LOL. Do you have it? Would you suggest it? What plans are best? I've been doing a lot of reading but I'm still not sure. Especially when there is no routine coverage.... that seems silly to me. Help!
  7. HappyLilSphynx

    Pet insurance

    Of course I'd think of this as I'm about to leave town ... After losing my sweet girl to severe heart issues just before Christmas, I'm hoping to adopt a hairless baby either later this year or sometime next year. Because of the cost from her heart issues (more than $2,000 last year alone)...
  8. SphynxMomma16

    Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

    So I have hopped on the band wagon with the Pet Insurance and enrolled my little baby today :) I've read other posts on pet insurance on this site but on this forum I thought I would do a review on Trupanion for anyone in Canada. It is VERY extensive and lengthy as I did LOTS of research bedore...
  9. MelissaAlice

    Pet Insurance

    Happy Saturday Everyone .. With Toothless's gotcha day getting closer and having had to go to the vet with Elfie just 2 weeks ago; I've really been thinking about about pet insurance. I'm wondering what everyone else uses; or just thoughts on insurance in general. Thanks!
  10. Dallassummer

    I want it all!

    So I've been seriously looking into Pet Insurance, such a drag! I found this nifty website, called petinsuranceuniversity.com It's awesome. After grueling hours of reading, I can't seem to find the "Best" one. I want low deductible, routine care covered, genetic conditions covered if one were to...
  11. FeyAngel

    Pet Health Insurance

    I have just spent quite a bit of time looking over old threads and trying my own research online into the confusing world of Pet Insurance. I have discovered that I am starting to run out of time--I found out last weekend that there is a 4 week old baby waiting for me--yikes!!! So, I have...
  12. Crombie00

    Best pet insurance?

    I am enrolled in trupanion.Is it a good choice?